Uncategorized May 28, 2019

One of my favorite things about living on Bainbridge is…

the fact that being surrounded by so much natural beauty automatically brings me back to the moment when I least expect it.  Yesterday I was just taking out the garbage which means pulling a rolling bin about 300′ down a gravel driveway. 

Prior to grabbing the large, plastic receptacle I had been on my laptop catching up with morning emails and very much in my head, likely with a furrowed brow.  As I walked back from the main road I stopped for a moment and looked up at, what a friend (from LA)

has named, our “cathedral of trees”.  We have several massive douglas firs on our property that do resemble church-like columns rising to the heavens.  I was immediately humbled by the quiet giants and their stoic steadfastness. 

A few deep breaths later and I was back at my laptop with a sense of calm and presence as if I had just left spa and someone had put those warm black rocks on my back.   I’ve never actually had that treatment though the prolific photos of it does make it look appealing.